Evolution in comfort, design, craftmanship and performance



Born in the Italian fashion manufacturing region of Emilia Romagna, Partyof2 is a technical performance riding outerwear company with a relentless commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our driving purpose is to create apparel that gives users the unique feeling of performing with the greatest comfort, yet at the same time, looking refined.
Named after the core of equestrian sports: a Partyof2, a team made of a rider and a horse, whose combined performance is what truly makes the sport unique.


We research and develop very specialized textiles, because any product is only as good as the strength of its components.
We study the correct fitting, because Partyof2 garments are tailored to suit their intended use.
We test the products with top international riders in real sporting conditions: their feedback leads us to the perfection of construction methods and technical details.
It is only at this point, after establishing the correct balance between athletic fit and performance fabric, that we design an entire collection around a specific model.


We are very proud to design and produce all of our products exclusively in Italy and export them worldwide.
The unparalleled Italian culture for handmade clothing is reflect- ed not only in terms of quality and finishings but, most of all, in the skill of finding exactly the right balance between fabric, styling and fitting. This is why our customers love our products.